Growth Hormone Peptides - 
Sermorelin and Ipamorelin

BonHoffie, available by prescription only through virtual visits throughout the U.S.


Sermorelin Growth Hormone Peptide

Clinically proven to lower body fat mass and increase lean muscle mass. *

Physiologically safer for anti-aging and body composition enhancement in adults than Growth Hormone (GH) itself, the "Peptides" Sermorelin and Ipamorelin work by causing a physiological release of growth hormone from the pituitary gland by mimicking Growth Hormone Releasing Peptide (GHRP).  GHRP produced GH is therefore endogenous, and as such preserves the important negative feedback endocrine loops, making overdosage improbable and maintaining autonomous GH production by the intrinsic HPA axis itself.  Peptides have been shown through research to increase cognitive processing speeds, raise your metabolism, lose weight, decrease belly fat, improve integrity of skin/hair/nails, and raise lean muscle mass.  Peptides are listed as a "Sports Enhancing Drug (SED)" and as such cannot be used in regulated sports activities without exceptional consideration such as injury recovery.  Peptides are available by prescription only, which can be accomplished through a virtual visit with BonHoffie.  They are best used in conjunction with a monitored  diet and exercise program like those offered free of charge at National Wellness Doctors.  Book your virtual visit online today!  For Body Composition Analysis (BCA) using the Inbody 770, present to our clinic during office hours.

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What is Sermorelin and Ipamorelin?

Sermorelin and its counterpart, Ipamorelin, were invented in the early 1980s by the pharmaceutical industry as a lower cost alternative to Growth Hormone for growth hormone deficient (short stature) children.  The drugs are molecular mimics of the 44 amino acid peptide called Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone, or GHRH, which you may remember from biology class as the substance your body makes which tells the pituitary gland to release Somatropin, or growth hormone.  Somatropin levels massively decline with age, which is linked to increased development of belly fat, metabolic syndrome, loss of muscle mass, cognitive decline, etc.  Many of these areas are still being studied today, so research is ongoing on how best to prevent the diseases which accompany the aging state, some of which are certainly linked to decline in Growth Hormone levels.  The main theory being-if we replace Somatropin to near youthful levels, can we prevent some of the diseases and setbacks we experience as we age? Hormone replacement therapy, like Somatropin, then became the principle paradigm of anti-aging medicine in the early 2000s.  Sermorelin became commercially available in 2001, but only by 2005 were any articles written on the peptides.  Many people have still never heard of it because it is not marketed by big pharma, and likely will never be so.  It is now only made in the world of compounding pharmacies, which supply to doctors by prescription only.  So the only reason you would ever hear about the amazing benefits of this little amino acid sequence is if your doctor recommended it for some reason, and only then if that doctor had reason to self educate on the topic of peptides.  Let's face it, doctors today are focused on diagnosis of diseases whose treatments are the next available FDA-approved drug, which is often super expensive.  Few doctors today have the luxury of spending time talking to patients about lifestyle modification and medicine which works to either improve wellness or prevent disease.


Sermorelin is ordered by the doctor through a prescription, and it is shipped by our compounding pharmacy to your door.  You can then reconstitute the medication safely at home for self-injection, or you can bring your Sermorelin in to our office and we will prepare it for you there.  It is a legal requirement unfortunately that the medication be shipped to your house, as it is not allowed legally to be shipped to a doctor's office first, and subsequently dispensed from there.

Sermorelin injections are performed subcutaneously, typically in the lower abdominal fat, and given each night.  Each Sermorelin kit ordered by a BonHoffie doctor comes with the necessary supplies to do this at home.  The kit contains 15mg of Sermorelin.  For most patients taking 200 micrograms (mcg) per night, this provides for 75 doses.  At 300 mcg per night (larger individuals), this dose provides 50 injections.  IGF-1 levels are checked every 6 months to ensure adequate rise in IGF-1, but not too high. The side effect we watch for is fluid retention, which can and does happen with Growth Hormone supplementation, to which we hold dosing until this resolves in a few days then restart at a lower dose.


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