Skin Product Penetration

So you just purchased a new skin care regime and your super excited to go home and get started. So what’s the 1st step?

Most people start by washing the day off. You remove your makeup/tinted spf whatever you use, then reach for your new skin care treatment. STOP! Your skin is not ready to start the first treatment.

This is a common mistake most people make when starting a new at-home skincare line.

There’s a layer of dead skin sitting under that makeup that goes unfelt and unseen. You may not see dead skin and you may not feel dead skin, but it's there. So before wasting your new costly and effective skin treatment on a layer of dead skin, think first about the term, Product Penetration.

You need to get those dead worthless skin cells off so you can actually penetrate your awesome new ‘corrective’ products. A great and easy way to do this is to use a toner pad that has salicylic acid, fruit enzymes, glycolic acid.

This combination will dissolve and remove the dead skin cells, oh and PERK any left over makeup, leaving you with a clean slate to really get those products moving into the right direction, the cellular rejuvenation direction! The good path, to healthier age defiant skin.

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