Why I recommend BeautyCounter.

Is your makeup destroying your face?

Bon Hoffie BeautyCounter

I spend a lot of time correcting, restoring, and perfecting skin issues. I mean, that’s what I do as an aesthetic professional. So the last thing I want after I micro-needle, chemically exfoliate, or resurface my patients skin is for them to walk into Sephora and buy some ‘name brand’ makeup product and smear it all over their face.

By “name brand’ I mean something that is basically crap and full of harsh chemicals, that they find alluring because it has a fancy name and claims to do amazing things, etc. So, I went on a hunt for my patients. There’s SO MUCH out there! Mineral this, organic that. But, no one really broke down their ingredients like BEAUTYCOUNTER did. The 1st thing that attracted me to their line was this super cute and creative little card they like to hand out to everyone. ‘The Never List’ card!

Never List by Beauty Counter
BeautyCounter's Never List of ingridents to avoid putting on your skin.

This card listed most of the things that I find myself warning my patients about over and over. So, yeah this caught my attention big time.

After researching more I discovered that BEAUTYCOUNTER has removed approximately 1,500 plus ingredients that just shouldn’t be used on normal skin.

This gave me confidence to recommend their makeup to my patients “worry free’ of what it will do to their skin, because we all know, that if you have a big meeting, a big date etc, you are going to put makeup on your face to enhance your best features, no matter what you aesthetics professional tells you.

Check out the lip stick FOR SURE! Super hydrating. My favorite, and I never normally wear the stuff.

For more information, questions or concerns please feel free to reach out to me directly! bonni@bonhoffie.com

Love Your Skin,


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